About Us

Who We Are

All Natural Pet was created in 2010 after extensively researching the pet industry to educate ourselves and other pet lover’s on the benefits of implementing an all natural diet into your pet’s life. All natural foods aren’t only beneficial to a human’s diet but are also beneficial to your pet’s diet as well. Studies have shown that better nutrition helps to maintain a healthier pet and promotes a longer life expectancy.

All natural pet believes that a healthier pet will always be a happier pet.

Mission & Purpose

Our Mission is to be a valuable resource that aids our customer’s in the awareness of healthier product choices for their pets. We are here to provide our customers with a holistic approach to the overall wellness of their pets. We are not only here to provide our customers with the awareness of healthier choices, We are here to offer these choices with your convenience in mind.

The foods we offer are carefully chosen and researched. All natural foods help with things such as skin irritations, bone and joint issues, allergies and much much more. We are here to help educate you and to make your experience pleasurable and convenient.

Choosing a Pet Food

Our companion animals’ health is just as important as our own. A pet’s diet, the biggest health variable controlled by a pet parent, is crucial to his or her well-being. That’s why selecting a tasty and healthful pet food is the most loving choice you can make for your pet.

It’s not always an easy choice to make. With so many different pet food products to choose from, it has become increasingly difficult to determine which pet foods are actually “healthful” for pets.